Three Bold Predictions Ahead Of Chiefs Vs. Bills: Divisional Round

January 21, 2022

The Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional round matchup. It should be a great football game between the two best teams in the AFC. I have three bold predictions that should lead the Chiefs to a big victory!

Travis Kelce Will Have 100 Yards Receiving

Travis Kelce went over the 100 yards receiving more for the seventh time in his NFL playoff career against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. He is now one game behind Jerry Rice for the most 100 yard receiving games in NFL playoff history. Kelce will tie that record against the Bills in their AFC Divisional round matchup.

In the last three games against the Bills, Kelce is averaging 82 yards receiving per game. It is a tick below the 100 yards, I am predicting. So why am I so confident that Kelce will get his 100 yards to tie Rice in this game? Because I believe this game is personal for the Chiefs.

They have heard all week long about how dominating the Bills are after their destruction of the New England Patriots. Forget that the Chiefs were just as dominating against the Steelers. The national media is almost unanimously picking the Bills to win because they have the better team. They have more weapons, better defense, and even a better quarterback. Yes, you read that right; people believe Josh Allen is better than Patrick Mahomes.

We have seen Mahomes when he is going against an opponent he feels has slighted him. Michael Jordan said it best in his documentary The Last Dance when he said, “I took that personally.” Seeing the talk this week, he is going to unload, and his main target is Kelce. Kelce will have between eight and ten catches for over 100 yards on Sunday.

Josh Allen Will Have Less than 30 Yards Rushing

Josh Allen is easily a top-five rushing quarterback in the NFL. During the 2021 regular season, Allen rushed for 763 yards. That put him third behind Lamar Jackson and only 21 behind Jalen Hurts, who lead the league.

In the Week Five matchup against the Chiefs, he rushed 11 times for 59 yards and one touchdown. The Bills finished the game with 121 yards, meaning he accounted for 49% of their rushing yards. These numbers are why many people are talking about stoping his running as a key to a Chiefs victory.

I agree with this thought, and that is why I believe the Chiefs will put a heavy emphasis on keeping Allen contained. The Chiefs will put a full-time spy on Allen during every play. I would recommend using Willie Gay for this vital job. Gay is the Chiefs’ fastest linebacker giving him the speed to keep up with Allen wherever he goes. He’s also a sure tackler who is not likely to get juked or overrun the play.

With our front four’s ability to get pressure and a spy keeping an eye on Allen at all times, he will be contained. He’ll have a few carries, but they will be short. The Chiefs’ defense will keep Allen under 30 yards rushing.

Chiefs Will Win Easily

The Chiefs are going to beat the Bills, and it will be an easy win. Remember that “easy” is a subjective term for how a football game plays out. Of course, we all know the Pittsburgh Steelers game was an easy win. At no point was the game ever in doubt, and the Chiefs won by a large margin. But I also would say the Denver Broncos Week 18 game was an easy win as well.

I know most of you will disagree and say, how can a game we won by just four points thanks to a fumble return be easy? It is simple, at no time during that game did I think the game was in doubt. The Chiefs did not even try to play their A-game. They knew they would beat the Broncos playing their C-game and doing just enough to win. It is an easy win if you can beat a team without even trying to play your best.

This Chiefs/Bills game will be a close game on the scoreboard for most of the night. But do not let that relative score scare you. The Chiefs’ offense will be on fire, so they will be ready to respond to any score the Bills get. The defense will play fast and control Allen, keeping him from the quick scores that gave them so much momentum in Week Five.

Now I know Chiefs Twitter will be panicked all night long. Fans will be angry every time the Bills score and go into a panic if Tommy Townsend steps on the field. But I am telling you all to sit back and relax. It is going to be a great night in Kansas City. The Chiefs will be up all night, and the game will not ever be in doubt. The final score, I think, will be around the 34 to 24 margin.